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Check if you qualify

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We email information

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We know being in debt can be very stressful which is why it's important to seek advice from a trusted debt advice provider.

Dexter Bell Associates Ltd was founded in 2002 and are one of the longest established debt advice providers. We  have advised thousands of people  and continue to offer best advice to people in financial difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, we can help. Regardless of the severity of your problem we always start by providing the best possible advice relating to your particular circumstances.


Understanding a problem is absolutely key to solving it. This is why we feel it is vitally important to discuss things in detail before offering a solution.


You can use the tool below to check if you are likely to qualify for a debt solution. If at that point you want to discuss it further we will get in touch to establish what we can do to help. No obligation, just the best possible advice

Our most popular solutions

Debt Management Plan

Consolidate your unsecured debt in to one affordable monthly payment. Informal, flexible and confidential plan. 

IVA/Individual Voluntary Arrangement

You could write off up to 80% of your debt and be debt free in 5 years. Protection from legal action, no contact from creditors, all interest and charges frozen.


Free debt advice and help is available from Money Helper. For more information visit moneyhelper.org.uk or read the article Options for paying off your debt.